Thursday, June 25, 2009

A fun little pic I decided to do for fun with the three main characters of Tom Boy Tara! I have it as my desktop wallpaper! Ha ha!

This was just a fun little picture I did of Tara...I like how her leather pants turned out. I decided to make it into kinda an ad for my comic, showing people what it's about more. It was definitely fun to do.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey guys!

I've created some new products on and have also created new t-shirts at T-shirt Monster! Go to: to check out my t-shirts and also check out my zazzle products at:

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Comic Artist or Fashion Designer?

So I've been busy makin' many products, t-shirts, tattoos, dog sweaters, etc. Am I a web comic artist? Am I a fashion designer? Who can tell? Ha ha! I've been havin' a blast comin' up with random t-shirt logos and cool products. I do love fashion, playing with it, dressin' in cool costumes and comin' up with creative clothing combinations. I actually enjoy dreaming up fun styles for my characters to wear and t-shirt logos for Tobey to own. Some days it is challenging, other days it appears to come to me naturally. I think that's a bit of my mom in me, she went to Sheridan the first year it was established and graduated from Fashion Design, so I watched her come up with clothes from tablecloths and sew our Hallowe'en costumes every year and eventually took a fashion course in high school. I've also worked at places where clothing was a dominant part of my job, like Suzy Shier and Value Village. I guess I enjoy clothes and people appear to enjoy the designs I produce. In my first ongoing comic with human characters "Pish Posh" I had a few of my friends say they liked the clothing some of the teens wore in the strips. I even designed purses with my mom one summer before she got really sick. We designed the look together, made them reversible, customizable, useful and fashionable. Mom sewed them and I came up with the graphic designs on the pockets. We made them so you could show off your fun cute personality through the kooky animal on the pocket or you could play it down with either a vertical striped or solid colour interior (normally the colour matched the colour of the animal) and they were great for shopping bags, beach bags, diaper bags, you name it. We sold them at $40 a bag which was pricey to some people, but cheap to us, seeing as they were handmade, and technically 2 bags in one and we needed to cover the work and cost of the materials that went into each one, so technically it was a steal. They all sold, every one of them. When my mom passed on I thought I'd never bring the designs back. But then I found sites like T-shirt Monster and Zazzle and not only did I bring back the purses in a similar design (not quite but it works) but I also put them on shirts as well! They can all be found in the product section of my site if you wanna look at them. I even made Tom Boy Tara wear a Psyko Kat (which is my original design that started it all) shirt in one of my pinups I drew of her. It's fun bringing back old designs and mixing them in with my new art! Hope you all enjoy them!