Thursday, August 6, 2009

So I started off having the idea of using an old pic of me and trying to do something fun by mixing cartoons with real life (something I always wished was true, but it's not...oh well) and I started off messing around with the image of me and the thought bubble which eventually evolved into me in the shades with Tara on my shoulder which got me thinking about the devil on the shoulder routine and how Deena seems all good and innocent and Tara seems like the bad girl. There's two sides to every girl, even if it's the girly girl or the tomboy, one is more prominent than the other just like good or bad sides. I'm sure every man has a more masculine or sensitive, good side. So whatever, these pix were pretty fun to do, and it felt like I was bringing my ideas more to life. Not only that but it sorta visually shows my constant inner struggle with my inner tomboy and girly side which I feel Tara and Deena strongly represent.