Friday, February 19, 2010

Facepaint, "Fan Art" and Feature

So I tried my hand at face-painting recently. Went to my niece's 1st birthday and tried to paint her face, but as I predicted she was all fidgety so I painted her mom's face instead. It's harder than I thought on another person, but perhaps it's because a lot of moving around was going on, seeing as my niece was in her mom's lap, and well, you know babies, they have attention-span problems and won't sit still. or something. So I painted my own face afterward. I tried a bunny design. Yes I actually went in public with this paint on my face too. It was too funny. I went to pet shops and toy stores and the kids seemed to love it. The adults mind you, some thought it was great, others tried to veer their kids away from me when I was walking along. I got a few disgusted glances. I'm a girl for crying out loud! I just came back from a b-day party for my niece! I'm not trying to creep anyone out...but whatever, people are afraid of clowns and dolls, I guess it's a legit thing to be freaked out about. I guess I was just brave walkin' around the mall like that. Most people wouldn't bother, they'd instantly wash it off.

So whatever, it was a fun little adventure anyways. As well recently I coloured in Alexandria's guest art she gave me recently. It was incredibly hard to resist...I just had this urge! Her line work was so inviting! I just needed to, ya know?

Also for those interested, I have a little advertisement on a cool website about the Canadian Creative Community called

My webcomic as well as my products are shown there and other info about my business is listed.

If you're a Canadian artist and would like to advertise for a whole year for free please join "" and you will be able to easily do so! It's a great place to be for artists and you can converse and meet other artists like yourself that will make your current business more fun in the long run!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Women May Be Like This

I've been reading incredible articles recently on gender stereotypes and tolerance of the sexes (keeping in the know with articles like this helps keep my writing fresh and allows me to think about how each character would react in certain situations) and it's amazing what they're discussing.

I first stumbled across an article on the new Barbie they are releasing called "Computer Geek Barbie" which was actually based on an online public survey about what her next career should be. Even though everything is very pink to make it gender specific the idea (though behind the times) is somewhat respectable. Why shouldn't they portray women as intelligent in the doll world. They're doing it mainly because the Barbie franchise is going under and the older women collectors have given up on the thought of collecting the dolls so they want to hear what the public wants for a change. I've been making Tom Boy Tara dolls for the hell of it, just to see what she'd look like in 3-D form and to show a prototype option if a manufacturer of toys ever came into play. I've dressed her in jeans and a t-shirt (with a logo I made myself ironed onto the shirt) and I found such clothes from a very hard to find Ken collection. When I look at Barbie clothes in search of something else for Tara to wear all I see is pink clothes or dresses/skirts so I have to turn to Ken. This may come as a shock to the companies but women wear pants too, and not every woman is a fan of pink either.

I then came across some other articles randomly in my search to find a picture of this new Barbie to be released soon. I just wanted to see exactly how girly she still looks despite her nerdy appearance. In my search I came across numerous articles on a website for Women's Rights. Now I'm not a feminist, I may understand how women should be equal to men but I believe some women's lib representatives take it a tad too far, thus confusing men to no end as to how to behave around women now. Though I think some of these articles have a ring of truth to them.

From videogame equality (as I mentioned to my boyfriend recently, it's interesting how there's always at least one woman thrown into a handful of male characters in most videogames, some women like adventure too, maybe they should have a few more choices of female characters) to men being pregnant, there were a lot of fascinating articles on gender stereotypes.

I particularly enjoyed the article that discusses women Photoshopping their own images in the hopes that they'll look like a magazine cover model. It's true, women are notorious for wanting to look good, but strive for perfection even more so than ever before. I admit I've even been known to Photoshop my own images, either for ironic reasons (I once got rid of my giant belly in a photo of me dressed as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween to show the unrealistic body expectations people have with cartoon women) or if it was to remove a tiny blemish or zit from a close-up shot for a portrait that was taken, I have been known to be vain too. However I may not go to the extreme as some women do. In real life on occasion I'll dress to the nines for fun, but when hangin' 'round the house I'll just lie around in the clothes I've worn from the night before, hair in disarray, lookin' like a mad scientist just to get my comics or projects done. I left perfectionism behind long ago when I realized I was going no where with it. Even in my art, if I made sure everything was perfect I'd never get my stuff out. I know my drawings aren't completely accurate nor are my panel boxes ruler straight, but I know even though there are flaws in my art, and even flaws in myself I know that someone (though not everyone mind you) will find it beautiful and that's all that truly matters.

"I've certainly fallen victim in the past trying to reach these unattainable goals of beauty. And I can tell you - the pursuit of physical perfection is far more damaging in the long run than any short term beauty ambition."~ Jen Nedeau (Picture Perfect. Or Not.) I completely agree with this statement. From seeing countless dramas on plastic surgery and the like I feel women (and perhaps even men) need to realize that nobody's perfect and that even surgery cannot fill your self-esteem void. Photoshop is a mere band-aid and only makes you look completely false as a person. You're not showing the world who you really are, in fact you're lying to those around you that you think won't accept you for who you really are. Who cares what other people think? The people who don't love you for you aren't worth keeping around and those who accept you inside and out are the true friends, those you need to treasure. I know it's hard to hear sometimes, and I'm sure hard to believe, and we as a gender still have far to go even though we've accomplished so much tolerance, but perhaps one day we will see just how beautiful we really are and will grow to accept it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guest Art

So every Wednesday night I get together with a clan of the most amazing comic people and chill in the comic store (as it is new comic book day in comic land for those who are unfamiliar) and afterward a select bunch of us may end up going to Tim Horton's to have a donut and shoot the shit. While at a random Timmies I was with my friend Alexandria Proudfoot who happens to have the most gorgeous head of blue hair that reminded me of Tara instantly as soon as I saw her. Naturally we became fast friends and I told her about my comic. She found it, read them all, sent it to a friend and the next time we meet she shows me her drawing skills. I was in awe just watching her draw her version of Tara, Tobey and Jack. She gave me the wonderful drawing she did and I am no doubt adding it to my guest art on my website once it's set up, but for now I will show you the wonderful work here:

I love it! She captured the characters so well! And no doubt earns an eternity of gold stars for adding Jack in the backpack lookin' all adorable. I friggin' love guest art.

If you or anyone you know would like to do guest art for Tom Boy Tara and send it my way, please do! I love seeing the different styles of art people have. You can send it via e-mail to and I'll be sure to post a little tale about it in my blog and give you full credit for it. Love seeing this stuff! Happy drawing!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marionettes and Mannequins

So I figured it's about time for an update. First of all, Happy V-day to those who like the "holiday" and for those who don't, don't worry, I've been in sitches where I wanted to hurt/kill/destroy every happy person holding hands before too, it's not a new phenomenon, just rest assured that a vast majority of people are with you on the animosity of such a stupid idea for a day.

Well with that out of the way, I have been a bit secretive lately and have been withholding some information about some recent projects on the go right now. I don't want to blab too much about it but I think it's going to come together nicely so I'd like to start discussing it now.

I've joined up with a fabulous artist friend (who will remain nameless until I get his permission to speak about him in such blogs) and we will be collaborating on a comic book together. I wrote a story a while back actually after I finished "Why I Hate Cheerleaders" and before I began this Tom Boy Tara saga entitled, "Marionettes and Mannequins". The writing is still being tweaked at the moment but the artwork, from what I've seen, will be outstanding! We hope to have a few books published by Fan Expo or at least we hope that we will if our deadlines work out for us. The wheels are definitely turning on this project, and we already have a bunch of cool people helping us with the making of it so hopefully the book series will be epic! I hope once we're done you all come out to Fan Expo and pick up a copy of a book or two (depending on what we finish by then I'm sure) and chit chat with us. I wanna start promoting it now 'cuz I can honestly see the idea going very well. It has promise for sure.

Well, I figured I was due to give you guys a little update so hope you like hearing what's going on. I have a few other projects happening too all at once but I'm taking my time with sharing the information because I'm not too sure how smoothly it's going to go. Take care guys, and in the mean time enjoy the new comics I've been updating!