Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So this is Alexandria Proudfoot's sexy version of Jade. And such a fitting picture to add after posting my newest comic #139. It's a pivotal twist in the comic and may or may not be shocking to some. If you haven't read the comic I suggest you go and read it now before reading forward in this blog post.

I always deep down knew that I was going to make Jade bi. She's a very experimental person to begin with. Plays by her own rules and does not care what society thinks of her. For a long time I was contemplating whether or not I should do this particular comic, seeing as some people may either be pissed off or maybe even happy that I did this. It could go either way. The comic is about gender stereotypes and being who you are, and I think that it was only fitting that I made one of the characters gay or bisexual to show that it's ok to be yourself. Even though Tara's reaction was abrupt and Jade read her all wrong, I'm sure somewhere down the line there will be some kind of reconciliation. Jade is too cool of a character to phase out. This will not be the last you see of her. However be prepared for more drama unfolding soon after. At least now people will get the point of the comic #69. Yes I've known since then that Jade was going to be this way, actually it was a thought I had when I first created her but for a while I wasn't brave enough to follow through with it. I think it was a good idea to allow Tara to trust Jade and then have her spring it on her unexpectedly. Hopefully you won't stop reading the comic after this, it gets interesting later on.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wizard World Comicon 2010

Well, Wizard World Comicon was a tremendous success! So many cool things happened! It's amazing how just sitting in one spot at a table can accomplish so much. A person brought a ferret by our table so we had to take a picture of my boyfriend Matt wearing a "You Dunno Jack" Shirt. A girl with Tom Boy Tara hair wandered by so we had to take a picture of her, naturally. I met Winston from the Ghost Busters! He hugged me!!! Also signed a Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man piggy bank I own. So cool! I'll explain most of these pix.

This is me at Wizard World on the first day with a random con outfit I decided to wear. Plus my cool utility belt for making change when someone buys my merch.

Me at the table on the 1st day, guarding all my merch.

This is the second day, with me at the table guarding my merchandise.

This was my crew that stayed with me at the tables Saturday and Sunday. Alexandria with the blue/purple hair and Matt with the Cicadas shirt on.

This was my t-shirt I made for Tobey in one of my comic strips and thought it looked cool so I bought it for myself to wear around on Saturday.

This is my friend Tina who is a colourist/cosplayer that attends my comic book Wednesday crew hang out sessions on occasion. She found my dolls and robot pencil sharpener and enjoyed them immensely, as you can see.

I got this cool "Game Over" cuff for fun! I like video games on occasion and it went with my blk and wht ensemble quite well.

I tracked down artist Attila Adorjany and purchased a shirt from him. He does a very cool webcomic Metaphysical Neuroma, definitely check out his stuff!

These are some of my pins and Convention Magnets I made by hand to sell. They're all like unique fridge art. I drew lots of replicas of these babies.

This is me and the comic crew on the 3rd day at the con. We're all pretty tired by this point but we're still havin' fun!

Ok so this guy isn't the real Jack, but we had to take a picture of him. It was just too cool to see a ferret at the convention when I had Jack plastered all over my merch as you can see here.

Yes, it's Tom Boy Tara for realsies! Naw, this girl just had her hair but it was so epic we had to take a photo of her!

I met Xena! I mainly took this pic for my friend Melinda who loves Xena, but man, her costume was really incredible! So much detail! It was superb!

Me gettin' in the middle of a Storm Trooper prom. I just had to disrupt it!

Lexia was doing some cool drawings for me of Jade and has done past awesome drawings for me of Tara, Tobey, Jack and Deena, so on the last day I told her she should make some money off her drawings. She ended up making $30 bucks after drawing two commissions for people and had so much fun doing it she wants to be more prepared for next time and make a ton of prints for the next con. Hopefully we see more of her work soon. I will soon post her Jade drawing in another post.

As if the con wasn't cool enough I met Ernie Hudson, A.K.A. Winston from Ghost Busters and got my piggy bank signed by him! My boyfriend then bought me a Ghost Busters jersey (which I've wanted for a long time) for having such a good con! Seriously best con evar!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Update

The month of March has been an interesting one. A lot has been going on. My birthday was on the 5th, and we ended up doing a little karaoke party in celebration of the occasion. I got a friggin' amazing present! Most of my friends know I'm a huge fan of Back to the Future, and every week when I go into the comic store on Wednesday I drool over the Back to the Future miniature Time Machine replica from the 2nd movie (my fave one) but I could never afford it. I honestly didn't think my friends were listening every time I said, "I'm going to get that when I get the money to...someday it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine." Turns out I was uber shocked! My friends had cameras poised awaiting my reaction when I peeked inside the bag and realized what they pooled their money in to buy me. I was so gleeful I couldn't stop hugging my new delorian. It lights up, and makes sounds and everything! Definite conversation piece if the party convo ever died down...which I don't think it ever did. It was a super fun night, and I don't think anyone had a shitty time...if they did I didn't notice cuz I was having too much fun myself.

Well, it's been decided. I'm going to the Wizard World Toronto Comicon on March 26-28th at the Direct Energy Centre. I have a whole table to myself in which I will be displaying my t-shirts, buttons, prints, my comics and portfolio of other things I have done. Not to mention will possibly be doing commissions of my cartoons for a small fee which will either go to me eating food for the day or I may put it towards my site depending on how many people will buy stuff from me I guess. A cool little pic of me and my work as well as a bio of me is being displayed on the Wizard World Site here:
and here:
Needless to say I'm super excited to be going to the event! I hope to see a lot of cool people there!

I think that just about ends my little blog for March...there were many other things that happened in this month too, but whatever, it's not necessarily comic related. On that note, enjoy some of my new comics I've displayed. The plot's been thickening: