Friday, June 17, 2011

Nerd Mafia Promo Party

I know I've been neglecting my duties as a blogger recently, sorry it's been busy as of late, what with working and trying to put out a comic a week as well as going to promo parties. What's a promo party, you ask? Well, only the greatest thing a starving artist/writer like me could ever attend! Put on by the very cool Nerd Mafia, and hosted by the wicked Andrew Uys who is responsible for Uysfaber and his lovely wife Theresa. A few friends of mine in the comic/creative/nerd industry all got together with some really awesome interviewers like radio/pod cast hosts, bloggers and those who do video interviews for their site, as we mingled, had some food and alcohol and enjoyed the lovely June day while listening to the magical music of Nerds With Guitars. It was wonderful. I got to see some old friends like Alice Quinn of Tdotcomics as well as my friend D.K. who's working on Hardware, Sally Christensen and her awesome boyfriend John T. who do so much for Nerd Girl Pinups and have their own little business called Yarn of Despair. I also met some new people while I was there, mainly one of the very knowledgeable and cool hosts of Geek Hard, Andrew Young who did a full interview of me here: as well as Eli Green and Nathan Schwartz from Lazyreviewzzz who did a lovely tribute video to the party here: Also the lovely Sally Christensen that I already mentioned above asked me to do my first interview of the day so I was a bit nervous but as the interviews went on I loosened up. She interviewed me and other cool nerds here: check out the videos, I hope you enjoy them, and visit the websites of these wonderfully creative people in Toronto. You may realize you love what they're doing and might even come out to a Nerd Mafia party in the near future!

P.S. Sorry to those I met/greeted at the party I did not mention, there are so many cool people at this party as I'm sure you can see by the videos, I could not meet everyone there and those I did talk to and did not mention, again my apologies. Maybe next blog post! :)