Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of May Update!

Ok, I know it looks like I haven't done any comics in a while. Not true...well partially true. I'm just working 2 jobs at the moment so I'm sorta doing comics when I can and when I'm not tired, or doing website stuff. I have updated my t-shirt section on my website and even added a couple of new products too to my products section (including a Jack the Ferret doggy sweater for your little pooch) if you care to take a gander at: it's been fun! I'm also in the process of trying to put together a possible photo shoot that will hopefully be done near the end of June if all goes according to the plan. It consists of a couple of my friends modeling for me as the characters of Tom Boy Tara and I'm hoping to photograph the REAL Jack the Ferret! Yes yes! You will all be able to see him hopefully if this goes well. If not, perhaps I'll take candid photos of him to post eventually. I am also possibly attending the Fan Expo August 28-30 so hopefully I'll see some friendly faces there! :) So even though I haven't written in here for a while, it's cuz I've been busy trying to figure out future comic endeavors. I hope everything goes according to the plan!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Wow, it's been a few days since I last wrote in here. No I'm not slacking on comics, just haven't had the time to bug my brother to post my newest stuff on my website. I've got quite a few comics that are in dire need of being posted, but alas they will remain in my sketchbook for the time being. I really must learn to post stuff on the website on my own...soon enough. Anyhoo, I attended the TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) on Sunday May 10th. It was a fabulous day! Lots of amazing art and artists attended the event! It was really a wonderful show, with a mixture of established and not so established Indy artists. I bought a t-shirt from the very nice and extremely talented Michael Cho! I also saw a friend of mine I ended up meeting at The Butler Did It (which is a catering company I work for sporadically and I even did a bimonthly comic 3 times in a row voluntarily in their newsletter) James Turner who has a few cool comics out such as, Nil: A Land Beyond Belief and Rex Libris. It was an amazing day! Many talented artists indeed! Canada definitely has a huge selection of creative minds! I chatted with many cool artists and starred at many of their pieces that looked as though it may have taken hours, weeks or even months to do. After the show the artist friends I hung out with all day became inspired so we all headed toward Curry's art supply store and ended up purchasing art supplies and I got a much needed portfolio that I hope to bring with me to the Fan Expo if we get a table. Anyways, I hope soon enough I will have some more comics posted. Been busy working and makin' money so I can keep affording art supplies to produce the comics, so hopefully those will be seen soon. Workin' on a fun little storyline I hope everyone enjoys! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Joe Shuster Awards

Wow, I'm beyond psyched right now! Hafta get my feelings out in blog form! Ha ha! So I was visiting the store Cyber City Comix in TO and the owner Darryl has taken my books to sell in his store. He doesn't often do that because indy books don't sell very well in there. However, being the nice guy that he is he told me he'll enter my book "Why I Hate Cheerleaders" in the 2009 Canadian Joe Shuster awards! Yes yes, you heard right, THE Joe Shuster the Canadian creator behind the oh so popular Superman! I was all, "Come again?" when he told me he was going to do this and I honestly didn't know what to say. It didn't sink in until I had a nap after coming home and I realized how big a deal this really was...I think I was in shock. He's probably entering me in the new category out this year the Gene Day Awards for Canadian Self Publishers. There's a bursary of $500 too for the winner along with a plaque. Now I'm not saying I'll win and lord knows if I'll even be nominated, however the fact that I'm being entered by someone who doesn't normally sell independent comics in their store is still leaving me in a daze. It's an honor and privilege I honestly thought I'd never remotely be a part of, but I'm so glad I have such a wonderful opportunity!