Friday, June 18, 2010

June 2010

So this month has been ok so far. Haven't had much time to do my comics but I've been trying to work over-time when I get home from work trying to do what I can to keep up to date as much as possible for Tom Boy Tara. I've been drawing caricatures for people, and just completed a portrait of Deena for my friend's b-day. I hope she likes it. I'm normally not cheap like that, but she enjoys the character of Deena and also I spent a ton of money when I was down in Niagra Falls for the weekend. It was very unexpected. Beautiful down there, but man does that place financially drain you. There are in fact, no cheap vacations! Well, that being said, I also attended the Fan Appreciation convention this month, in which you have to pay to get in on the Sunday, but you get a $10 voucher that you can spend at the con on any of the vendors. I ended up getting a pretty cool comic belt and a Scott Pilgrim wallet that some dude was making. Tried not to spend too much, but you know how it goes. Love the summer for cons...but my wallet hates it. So I shall now leave you with a portrait I drew, scanned and coloured in Photoshop. The portrait of Deena: