Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So I've been asked some personal questions about my comics while I draw them at work, by my fellow co-workers. I work at a restaurant you see, and in between shifts sometimes I draw while I eat my lunch. I need to make money on the side to make ends meet, as a lot of artists do. These days it's hard to make a living off art, but I'm having fun comin' up with random comic ideas and I just have fun seeing people read them. So people come to see my stuff while I doodle and inhale my food.

One asked, "do you do it all free-hand?" Yes, there are no rulers, no laying out proportions correctly by so many heads in a body, no nothing (which explains why it looks so amateur, but that was obviously my motivation, I am not a pro, even though I've been drawing comics since I was eight I do not consider myself a professional by any means) although I think it works for the particular comic and gives it a real quality, I let the flaws shine through. No perfect typing, no perfect lines, nothing is perfect. It's all free-hand and mainly from my head, I barely refer to any references.

People also often ask how I come up with the writing, is it about me? Not entirely, most of it is made up from my head, but a small portion can be based on my actual life. I did have short hair briefly for a while in high school so I know what it's like to have short hair, I have never had my ears pierced though, not even one of them pierced, so I have no clue how that feels. I don't know if any of my close male friends ever had such an intense crush on me, but I've seen other people in situations like that. I was and probably will always be (at least partially) a tomboy, so I can relate to Tara entirely in that aspect, as I'm sure a lot of females do too. She is an intriguing character, adventurous, humorous, even slightly evil, I love to explore her more. I feel she has many depths and she is fun to write about as I hope those of you out there want to read about her. And it's not just her that's interesting, but the people around her as well.

Someone also commented on my style. Said it looked kind of manga inspired but with a western twist on it. I suppose it does, I enjoy that style, however it's not the only style out there and I think I have a hybrid of influences, this just happened to be the style I was comfortable working with for the particular comic, but I have done many different styles before. I suppose it depends on what works best with the writing, and I see manga as romantic, yet can be dark or intriguing in a dorky sort of way, so I felt it suited it.

I was also asked what will happen in the storyline, is Tobey going to stay with Deena? Will Tobey and Tara ever hook up? Soap opera story lines are invented for a reason, only time will tell you those answers.

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