Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creator Side Note

So yes, I am just going to say I am aware that there has already been a female only fighting videogame created many moons ago. However, I must remind those for some reason that, (in the words of the wise Lisa Simpson) "cartoons don't have to be 100% realistic." as illustrated by her father evidently sitting on the couch and then walking by the window all in the same scene. The fact is, my comic takes place in a land not too unlike our own, but is unlike our own cuz I make up what bands they listen to, what movies they watch, and yes, even the videogames they play. Most of the things in their world don't really exist, on occasion I'll throw in a reference from our world, however not often. The place they live in is made-up, the college they go to, the dorm they stay at, all fictitious. The joys of being a cartoonist and making up a world with just the wave of my magic pencil. I'm like God to them, yes, this is proof God is a female mwahahahahah! Ok, *ahem* I'm done I swear. My head almost floated away from me briefly but I swear I got ahold of it. Anyways, all I'm saying is, it's fun to make up a land that doesn't really exist, I get to make my characters do whatever I want! Ha ha ha!

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