Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tom Boy Tara Dollfie Dolls

So I've been looking into customizing dolls and I came across some beautiful Dollfie Dolls that my friend Elisha used to customize when I was in college. I recall loving the look of them but I forgot what they were called. She used to make their clothes out of tiny chain mail and they looked absolutely exquisite when she was done. Anyways I wanted to make my own Tom Boy Tara doll and found some parts, they're currently being shipped to me, so I'm going to have fun customizing Tara for sure! I noticed though that the male Dollfie dolls often looked extremely feminine. So I tried to photoshop a head to look like how I would make Tobey look and I found some clothes that looked like it might suit him a bit and photoshopped it slightly and he turned out like this pic! Maybe some day I'll make a Tobey doll that looks kinda like that. I think the secret to keeping them looking male is to cut the hair super short, keep the face plain and if you're not making them with glass eyes, keep the eye templates masculine with little to no eyelashes on them. LOL! I'm sure gonna have fun with this! YAY!

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