Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Top 10 Fave Animated Tomboys

Ok, I think cartoons are the perfect place to showcase strong, sarcastic and even gutsy women. Maybe it’s the fact that this is where most outcasts come to share a common ground but if you’re going to make a cool character, animation is the place to be. In most things, tomboys are considered to be the side-kick characters as they are in a lot of cartoons as well, but there have also been a few that have become the stars of the show either because it’s all about them or just because they stand out on the coolest people ever scale! Perhaps I am biased because I have a comic about a tomboy but I think tomboys are the most fascinating people in human nature. Either way without further ado here are my top ten fave animated tomboys:

Gadget from Rescue Rangers:

This wrench-weilding mouse is not only handy but oh-so-adorable and has even caught the eye of Chip and Dale…whom, let’s face it, aren’t even in her species. I love Gadget’s name and strong nature. Oh and by the way, cool goggles hun, you were Steampunk before it was even invented!

Lydia from Beetlejuice:

Ok some may argue with me on this one and say, she’s not a tomboy, she’s more Goth. I say, who said Goths can’t be tomboys? I think they go nicely together like skulls to Hamlet. I dunno…fact is, she doesn’t quite get along with Pru that prom-queen chick and hangin’ out with ghosts all day don’t make you all that popular with the female living unless you’re into that sorta thing like her. To me she was always very cool and I was drawn to her spunky nature and fascination for all things unusual.

Ashley Spinelli from Recess:

Often referred to by her last name, Spinelli was frequently seen getting dirty, playing sports and punchin’ out anyone who insulted her clique on the playground. I almost forgot about recess until I watched this show back in high school and Spinelli was always my favorite character on the show. I loved how she hated “The Ashleys” (the group of princesses all with the same name who were clone-like in nature and were all rich, pretty and popular…aka: Snots) and defended her friends without even a hesitation. I also thought it was hilarious how she seemed to have no emotions until the episode where we meet her parents and they embarrassingly reveal that she has a crush on T.J. the main character.

Lor from The Weekenders:

Another Disney show (I know, who knew Disney was that into producing so many shows about tomboys, it was a shock to me too, but then again, they did make Mulan) Lor was cute and a bit boy crazy but her gazillion brothers (who would often, for some reason, pile on top of Lor for fun) kept her in line I think. Also she hung out with guys and a very smart chick, these guys were never very popular in their school but they had some fun weekends together, shooting hoops, eating pizza and doing “normal” kids stuff.

Kim Possible from…Kim Possible:

Yup, yet another Disney show I dressed as her for Halloween once. Kim is the butt-kicking spy/superhero you always dreamed you could be…she also tries to keep a head on her shoulder and even tries out for cheerleading which you don’t always see tomboys doing in these cartoons, but hey she’s the leading lady, she hasta be kinda cute. Her best friend is a wise-cracking, nerdy guy who has a naked mole rat as a pet. She tries to be a normal teenager but often fails; I don’t feel that bad for her though, she’s got a sweet high school job.

Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls:

Despite her simplified and cute look this girl is very intimidating. She always looks mad whenever I see her. I’ll admit I didn’t watch this show enough (I didn’t get the channel when it was on) but I find Buttercup was the coolest outta the girls and I know a ton of people who have called her as their favorite. She kicks monkey-butt! And no that’s not an expression she really kicks monkeys in the butt, if you haven’t seen it, look up Mojo Jo-jo he’s my fave villain!

Jessie from Undergrads:

Another costume I did for Halloween, Jessie was awesome. This show was so wicked and I’m sure most would agree. Too bad it only lasted a season, but maybe that’s how it remained so good, it didn’t wear out its welcome…at least I didn’t get sick of it unless I allowed myself to watch it over and over again. Anyways Jessie totally had the hots for Nitz but didn’t bluntly flirt with him about it; at least he didn’t notice ‘cuz he was too busy pining over Kimmy. She was quick-witted and one of the guys. A good combination of sexy and cool, Jessie was a character I have always enjoyed watching.

Nikki from 6-Teen:

Another purple-haired, femme-fetal, Nikki is one of my fave characters in the Canadian born show 6-Teen. Maybe I missed an episode or two but I never quite understood why she worked at that store with so many blond clones. Maybe she enjoyed mocking them or feeling superior to their very ditsy ways but either way it made me laugh. Normally in most situations girls like her would have either been fired or more likely would have quit that job long ago but for some reason she stuck it out. She was smart, mature, gutsy, sarcastic, and had a good head on her shoulders. Out of all the girls I think Nikki was my fave and she made me wanna tune in as often as I could. This show had a lot of fun characters though too, if you haven’t seen it I suggest you check it out.

Joan of Arc from Clone High:

Another Canadian show, yes Joan did seem pretty gothy too, and who knows why she liked Abe, it was such a silly show. I loved how she would punch out JFK if he ever made an offensive comment and kicked Gandhi in the face for the same exact reason. I also loved how she loathed Cleopatra and how they seemed to share a common animosity for one another. The historical stereotypes in one school and how they interacted with each other was pure genius, and the way the characters would point out the random flaws in the writing out of nowhere made it even more hysterical.

Daria and Jane from Daria:

Ok, I know these should be #10 and #11 on the list but these are my #1 fave tomboys…and well since they’re from the same show it was really hard to separate them. I love the characters equally. I feel even though Daria is most likely thought of as a geek and Jane the crazy artist they were both drawn to each other as friends through their common tomboyish personality trait. Daria was created on Beavis and Butthead (which I’ll admit I rarely watched) that they called “Diarrhea” as she sardonically zings them back with her awesome wit. On her show she held her own quite nicely I think. Running 5 seasons long and gaining character development along the way. Jane and Daria seem attached at the hip and despite major curveballs and bumps along the way somehow manage to remain friends through everything they go through, even when Daria steals Jane’s man?! Wow, talk about sharing everything as friends! They both have their differences but a stronger similarity. Both gals agree that they possess a really good friendship. I think it’s great when two tomboys have found each other and can keep each other sane in this crazy mixed up world, especially when that world is full of those that are the complete opposite of them.

Those are my fave animated tomboys, I’m sure I forgot a few along the way, what’s your favorite tomboy of all time?


Leonard Kirk said...

I have seen almost all of these shows and I would definitely agree with putting Jane and Daria at the top of the list. I LOVED that show! :)

Leonard Kirk said...

Oh, and I would add Elly May Clampett to the list. Sure the sixties were rife with sexism but they managed to steer around that once in a while with comedies. Elly May was more comfortable wearing blue jeans and wrestling pigs than getting prettied up for a social.

Tom Boy Tara Comics said...

I recall sorta seeing the Beverly Hillbillies but not watching it enough, which is a shame because Elly May sounds awesome.

Also, I forgot to add Gaz from Invader Zim to the List...she was very cool, often played videogames and was pretty sarcastic and often uncaring of her brother's paranoia, which was really amusing.

James Spencer said...

Great list! I had completely forgotten Gadget. A lot of these characters are some of my favourites of all time; Jessie, Joan and Spinelli especially!

Gary Gerani said...

Do anime characters qualify? If so, there's an entire industry's worth to choose from. Always got a kick out of two in particular: cute, ultra-feisty sorceress Lina Inverse from THE SLAYERS, and Kei of DIRTY PAIR FLASH, the ultimate no-nonsense kick-butt teen with attitude to spare. Both had funny stories centering around their contempt for (ugh!) dress-wearing, the time-honored bane of all tomboys -- just ask Scout from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD!

Tom Boy Tara Comics said...

Thanks James yeah, they're good characters! And Gary, how've you been man?! I must admit I'm not up on my Anime, there's just so much out there I don't know what's good and what isn't. I need recommendations in that department. Yes of course it's allowed, but I've never heard of these characters before. And for the record I love Scout!