Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Update

Oh man, it's been too long since I've last posted and there's lots of comic news happenin' too! First off I want to say that I am now able to upload comics whenever I want on my website and not at the leisure of my brother who makes the site happen for me. He's busy with other things and I couldn't keep coming to him for assistance all the time so now I have a special part of my website that I can access to upload. I intend on trying to do at least one comic a week until I start making money off of my site and then maybe updates will be more frequent. It'll be random though throughout the week so you never know when I'm updating. You hafta keep checking back regularly to see what's going on in Tom Boy Tara Land.

2nd off, I attended the fabulous Nerd Girl Pinups Burlesque show and I must say it was an extremely fun night! I dressed as the always awesome Tank Girl for the evening and got such a huge response from it random people were introducing themselves and taking pictures with me. I apparently made a birthday boy's night by posing with him and allowing him to wear my helmet. I also got to sign a Frisbee that most of the pinups were signing that night. The burlesque numbers were fabulous, the music wonderful and the comedic acts and host were top-notch as well. Dancing was had in the after party (but being an uber nerd myself I didn't voluntarily dance with the exception of demonstrating for 5 seconds my horrible cabbage-patch routine I often do) and I met a lot of very cool people that night!

3rdly, This tomorrow I'm attending a comedy event called "Nerdgasm" which is a comedy show/mini comicon and I will be handing out fliers for my webcomic at this delightful affair. I met the very cool Ian Atlas who's running the whole show and he was kind enough to invite me to the show and let me know I can advertise while there. So needless to say I'm excited about that.

*whew* Lots of stuff happening in the comic realm these days, and I hope it continues to progress, as this comic artist is definitely hungry and I hope I can make some moolah off my wears at least to pay for my site and my dinner. Speaking of which, I have a brand new t-shirt design I made for Tobey a while ago but I just created it in t-shirt form recently. Check it out at:

If you feel like an awesome x-mas present there's free express shipping upgrades to Canada until the 15th of December.

I think that's all the info I'd like to share for now. Hopefully everyone has a wicked Chrismukkah and a happy new year and you'll keep on readin' the comics I'm going to update frequently! Enjoy the Tank Girl Pictures of me from the Nerd Girl Burlesque show.

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