Sunday, August 22, 2010

TBT Jewelry Has Arrived!

As stated in a previous post I have commissioned a wonderfully talented jewelry artist to create a line of Tom Boy Tara jewelry pieces for the Fan Expo and to hopefully also be sold at the upcoming Canzine Festival. If you like any of these pieces and perhaps want them done differently or something we can make commissioned pieces for you. Here are some pictures of the pieces that were actually crafted for the shows already and there might even be more to come if they do well!
The first picture is of all of the jewelry in a group that Valerie S. has made for me.

The second picture is a closeup shot of the earrings she made. Now you can have your very own Tara gold earring. You can buy either one, the way she wears it or both as a pair.

The third picture is of all the pins you can put on your shirt, bag, suspenders, coat, whatever you want it on and you'll look delightfully 80's as well as unique, as every one is different!

The fourth and fifth pictures are of the necklaces that you can have. Either on a classic chain, or on a circular wire cord for a modern and edgy look,
they're definitely a cool conversation piece.

Every piece is hand made with resin so your piece is sealed from any kind of water damage so the images will last for a long time. All very durable and awesomely edgy, it'll be hard to pick a piece you really want. If you want to know the prices of any of them let me know and I'll try to give you an estimate, whether it's one of the pieces here or one you want to make as a commission.

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